Fiametta – little flame

8. Juni 2022
MVS Fiametta Collage

As i went through my things, a pile of unfinished paintings on paper fell into my hands. Paintings that looked promising, but somehow never reached finish line. So, following my hands leading the way, i started to cut them into small pieces. And since cutting things can be a lot of fun, i also cut up chinese paper adorned with leaf gold. And an old book cover, hand painted by my grandmother Alice, who was also an artist. Soon, lots of leaf – or flame like shapes covered the floor around me, like beautiful flower petals in different sizes.

MVS Fiametta Collages on papaer
MVS Fiametta Collages

Working away in a state of FLOW for several days, a lot of small collages filled the big table in my studio, accompanied by a sense of pure joy. It felt a lot like making music – a light and happy tune, a spring melody, a little song of hope and moments sparkling in the sunshine of a beautiful, carefree day.

MVS Collages Fiametta _ series1
MVS small collages

The lovely thing about making art is, that, if the muse is with you, it takes you into a world of it’s own. Or YOUR own. Just like MAry Poppins could hop into the paintings of street art, any artist can hop into his or her canvas or sheet of paper and enjoy a time off, get a breather and take back a feeling of lightness, of satisfaction, that also brightens the world, that we share with others.

MVS Fiametta Collages_3
MVS Fiametta Collages