MARREN Indigo carpet (Detail)
MARREN Indigo carpet (Detail)

MAREEN is a project by Martina Voigt-Schmid, painter, Germany, and Sharneen Attarwala, designer, India. To see more of our latest work, a series of handtufted carpets, look at our Insta-page here.

Nature is a worldwide web of energies that interact constantly. Matter and information are shared, com­municated and spread out boundlessly.

Like nature, art and craft has a history ­­­of cross-pollination. They have been essential in uniting the world by creating impressions of distant lands –
a tangible reminder of our origins, representing stories that ignite imagination.

Born from these ideas is – MAREEN.
In our collaboration, art, design, traditional craftmanship and digital media create a joyful, multisensory experience.

Art and craft play a vital role in global understanding. We explore a design language, that touches the roots of what unites people from different cultures.