Rhapsody in paper

11. Januar 2022
MVS_Impressions Paintings in studio
Foto: MVS

Busy making a series of small collage paintings on cardboard as designs for the new carpet brand MAREEN. Other than most of my art, these are done with just a little bit of colour and a lot of dusky white that covers the background like soft clay. They are abstract, but for me they have a vibe of architecture. Maybe cities in the dessert, seen from above. I just can’t help seeing something in everything.

While working, I listened to the song called „Rhapsody“ by my son Marin, who goes by the artist name of „Schlindwein“. It’s beautiful theme brought me into a meditative mood and mode of painting, just letting my hands guide me. Rhapsody actually means „songs stitched together“. In this case I was gluing bits of paper together and weaving them into each other with paint.

I have the feeling, the theme of these paintings will also inspire bigger canvas paintings – let’s see!

Foto: MVE