Under the Cocoa Tree

8. April 2023
MVS PINK CoCOA painting

Since last year, I have been inspired by the theme of cocoa fruits.

Cocoa trees look like a piece of art or like an ancient goddess, generous, and abundant. Their huge fruits, containing the cocoa beans, grow directly from the trunk, full of earthly power and sweetness of nature. Once i saw, how cocoa grows, I understood more of the magic of chocolate – why people want it so much, and why it fills us with satisfaction and happiness.

MVS BLU COCOA Fotocollage
MVS BLU COCOA Fotocollage

It is also fascinating, to see the colours of the cocoa fruits, ranging from yellow to green to pink, red, violett, purple and maroon. I have not seen light blue ones so far, but could not resist using the pastel shades in my paintings, as they evoke a sense of delicacy and lightness.

MVS PINK COCA, 100 x 140 cm, mixed media / canvas