Get into the FLOW

5. März 2024

Inspired by the compositions of beautiful marine plants and creatures, the unique Flow carpet collection captures the alluring mystery of the ocean in its bold vibrant compositions. Each rug is hand-tufted with an array of soft, durable wool and Tencel fibres that mimic the undulating patterns of the ocean’s surface and magnificent life hidden deep below.

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Foto: MVS

It is a fascinating process, to turn a design into a carpet. I was hugely inspired by the rich, natural colour palette of the wool and Tencel yarns. Yet at first it is hard to imagine, how the shades of these will turn out on a large scale. How the colours blend and mix when woven. And how the translation works. As we found out, it is a matter of trust and above all, a clear and effective communication between us, the artists and designers, and the craftsmen and-women.

When two people look at one image, they might still not see and perceive the same thing. And it took some lengthy and costly trial and error to find out, how we could bring our vision across.

Foto: MVS

Once the carpet is knotted or tufted, the work is not yet over. Each piece is washed and dried multiple times and cut and trimmed by hand, to achieve the delicate relief structure. that enhances the design and also the touch of the carpet.

MAREEN_Turquoise_Flowcarpet_in_the_making, Foto: Sharmeen Attarwala
Turquoise FLOW carpet,